The method of concentration: a! the navel (visualize) a Hue HUM or, as the (previous) time, a sphere of prona.

At the navel cakra visualize a clear and sclr-radiant blue HUM, symbol of the indivisible essence of pram and instant presence (or rig pa, the real nature of mind), or a small light blue sphere symbolizing prána, as in the method of concentration of the Smooth Breathing with Seven Limbs.

III. Breathing Method

The method of breathing: block your lejt nostril with your left index knuckle and close your glottis; with the fierce sound HAR inhale completely and turn your arm and shoulder to the right and then forward.

1. First, forcefully exhale the stale air through both nostrils, quickly and deeply three times. Then turning your left fist downward, close your left nostril with the knuckle of your index finger, and slowly raising your arm and shoulder, inhale the 'rough' air completely and forcefully through your right nostril, closing your glottis and producing a sound like HAR. When you have completed the inhalation, thoroughly stretch your chest and twist it to the right turning your left arm and shoulder forward.

Forcefully directing downward, firmly place your fists at your secret place.

2. Then bring your left hand back onto your knee. Thoroughly

Fifth Sbribs: Tbt Pri


OttdVdma straightening your torso, forcefully direct the air downward, at the same time lowering your fists to the ground in front of your secret place and straightening your arms.

With a closed hold, straighten your torso and open your chest.

3. Then applying a closed hold below your navel, straighten your torso and open your chest.

Forcefully contracting from below, raise your buttocks and straighten your arms.

4. Then applying a contraction upward from below, straighten your arms and raise your buttocks keeping your feet on the ground.

With {the sound) HA perform a Bep and make the karmic prdna dissolve into the HUM.

5. Visualize that all the karmic pumas are slowly being absorbed into the HUM at your navel like iron filings drawn by a magnet, i hen, uttering a fierce aspirated HA perform a Bep:4<v and. in that moment, visualize that the karmic prdnas are completely dissolved into the HUM at your navel.

With your buttocks on the ground, raise your feet straight with your fists.

6. Keeping your buttocks on the ground, straighten your arms and.

i 11 "47 a aligning your vajra fists, place your wrists under your ankles- and, with the'soles of your feet together, raise your feet and straighten your back. Applying the empty hold remain in contemplation in a state of equanimity, beyond any concepts and without directing your thought on any object of concentration.

Yoga Concentracion

In ¡he same way, inhale through the left and turn to the left; (then) inhale through both (nostrils) rolling back your shoulders and arms so as to cap-ture the karmic prdna in the ultimate dimension: this is the goal of the secret methods of prdndydma.

Extending your arms over your head, inhale briefly, strongly and deeply, and in the same manner exhale bending forward; do this three times. Then with vour right fist turned downward close your right nostril, inhale the 'rough' air forcefully with the sound HAR through your left nostril and twist your arm and shoulder to the left. Then direct the air downward, hold it closed, apply the contraction, perform a Bep exhaling with the sound HA and finally remain empty in contemplation beyond concepts. These are the six phases in which you should train with great endeavor.

Then inhale through both nostrils at the same time, opening and slightly arching your chest and shoulders back; gradually apply the various phases of directed hold, closed hold, contracted hold, quick exhalation with Bep and empty hold, so as to capture forcefully all the karmic prdnas in the ultimate dimension of the central channel. As this is the ultimate goal of all the secret methods or upadesas on prdndydma, one should train in this practice with great zeal.

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