Inhaling Quickly press the chin and raise the buttocks

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Starting Position

0. Sit on your heels with the top of the feet on the ground.

Initial Phase

1. Inhaling in two counts, raise your arms straight over your head, pointing your toes to the ground.

2. Exhaling in two counts, sit on the ground raising your knees and placing your hands made into fists at your sides,8

Central Phase

3. Inhaling quickly in two counts, forcefully press your chin into the neck and push the pelvis upward, remaining raised on the fists and toes, with your torso straight.

4. Keeping the air below the navel in closed hold for two counts, tense your whole body.

5. Exhaling in tour counts, bring your buttocks to the ground and rest the underside of your chin on your knees.90

Final Phase

6. Inhaling in two counts, raise your arms straight over your head and extend your legs forwards.

/. Exhaling in rwo counts, bring your fingers to your toes and your forehead to your knees. Repeat the exercise three or seven times in all.


The Overcoming of Obstacles says:

Inhaling Quickly strengthens the spine and the spinal cord, the lungs, hea rt and joints, and eliminates problems of the upward-moving and pervasive prdnas.'1

As stated, this strengthens the spine and tonifies the spinal cord, the lungs heart and major and minor joints. In particular, it heals problems of the upward-moving prana. which presides over the faculties of speech and breathing," and of the pervasive prdna when their functions nave been impaired.

Brtuthin^ Cycle

Quick Inhaforion

Open Hold

Contacted Hold Quick h*hal«.<w


! 2


[ Central Phase

— l 2 ~

Fjnai Phase


72 Yantr a Yoga The Tibetan 1fea of Movement

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