Movement for Progressing

For progressing, cross your left (leg), extend your right and remain suspended; then do it) on the other side. This is the series for the) empty hold[ with seven phases.

Starting Position

0. As m the basic movement. (Sit on your heels with your hands on your knees,^

Initial Phase

1. As in the basic movement. (Inhaling in four counts, extend your arms over your head and open your chest.)

2. As in the basic movement. (Exhaling in four counts, place your hands on the ground with rhe fingertips turned towards your knees.)

Central Phase

3. Inhaling in tour counts, bend your left leg onto your elbow.

4. Exhaling in two counts extend and raise your right le^.

5. Applying an empty hold as long as you can, remain suspended in the .iir. slowly arching your head upward and lifting your right le^ higher.

Final Phase

6. As in the basic movement. (Inhaling in four counts, place your knees on the ground, sit on your heels and extend your arms over your headO

7. As in the basic movement. Exhaling in four counts, join the palms of your hands behind your back and bend forward lowering your forehead to your knees.)

Then do this movement on the other side.

This is the series of yantms for applying the empty hold, each yantra with seven phases of breathing.


The Overcoming of Obstacles says:

The Peacock Fbse tonifies the nerves of the full and hollow organs and eliminates all problems caused by disorder of the five elements and the five pranas.

The same holds true for the movements for training and for progressing.1*2

As stated, these yantras strengthen the main nerves of the five full organs and the six hollow organs; they enhance the functioning of the five elements of the physical body260 and restore balance to the five pranas when their functions are disordered, anomalous or damaged.

Thus ends the fifth scries of yantras comprising fifteen movements, five mam and ten auxiliary, combined with the prdnaydma of the Rou^h Breathing with Six Applications.

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