Movement for Progressing

For progressing, holding your knees (with your hands), rest the top of your head (on the ground), then arch and push, (This is the series) jor the contracted hold with seven (phases).

Starting Position

0, As in the basic movement. ^Sit with your legs extended forward and your hands on your knees.)

Initial Phase

1, As in the basic movement. (Inhaling in four counts, extend your arms over your head.)

2, As in the basic movement, (Exhaling in tour counts, bend your legs and rise up onto your knees, then rest the tops of your feet on the 2round, separating them somewhat and join your palms with your soles, at the same time lowering your forehead to the ground.)

Central Phase

3, Inhaling in four counts, lie dowrn with your back on the ground.

4, Suddenly interrupting your breathing by forcefully emitting an aspirated HA, put the top of your head on the ground; then applying a contracted hold for as long as you can, hold your knees with your hands and arch vour torso and push your sides upward, thoroughly tensing your whole body.

5, Exhaling forcefully in two counts, lower your back to the ground relaxing all bodily tension.

Final Phase

6, Inhaling in four counts, raise your torso and extend your arms over your head.

7, Exhaling in four counts, extend your legs forward, grasp the outer sides of your feet and pull them, bringing your forehead to your knees.

Initial Phasb

i'inal Phase

130 The Four Characteristic Conditions____

This is the series of wtntras for applying the contracted hold, each vantra with seven phases ot breathing.


The Ourrcmtflg of Obstacles says:

^^^ ^^ ^ ^^ ^^k ^ ^ ^ J i t f hJ > i i t a 11 d ft \ i f* pains, (toniftes) the nerves of the

full and hollow organs if these arc damaged or weakened, and heals the 'brown in conflict' ailments. The same holds true for the movements for training and for progressing.150

As stated, these yentras alleviate pains of the chest and liver, tonifies the autonomic nervous system if it is impaired and nor adequately fulfilling its functions, and heals ailments of the general 'brown Phlegm' category including that of 'brown in conflict'.151


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