Movement for Training

For training, raise the feet of the wheel, bring them to the top of your head (and remain) with your forearms on the ground.

Starting Position

0. As in the basic movement. (Sit with your legs extended forward and your hands on your knees.^ Initial Phase

1. As in the basic movement. (Inhaling in four counts extend your arms over vour head.)

2. Exhaling in four counts, bend your legs and bring your heels in front of your sccret place, raise your buttocks and place your palms on the ground in front of your toes.

Central Phase

3. Inhaling in two counts, raise your heels and remain on vour rocs straightening your arms and legs, and arch the back of your head and shoulders upward.

4. 1 folding open as long as you can, forcefully thrust your legs upward and then slowly lower them until you touch the top of your head to your feet and lower your forearms to the ground, thoroughly tensing your whole body.

5. Exhaling in four counts, lower your legs and sit on your heels.

Final Phase

6. Inhaling in four counts, extend your arms over your head and open vour chest.

' • Exhaling in four counts, extend your arms forward on the ground and lower your forehead in front of your knees.

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