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Commentary to The Union of the Sun and Moon Yantra

je (1826-1961)

The Verse of Homage

Hum Hum Hum Hum Hum Hum Hum Hum Hum

With great respect of body, voice and mind i pay homage to the Vidyadhara Drodul Pawo Dorje of Adzom, Supreme yogin of this degenerate age}

Holder of the treasury of instructions of the Oral Transmission of Vairocana.

I pay homage to the best of his students, The mat Siddha and Master Ugyen Tendzm,

O tv

Whom I praise, apart from the fact that he was my relative Remembering his immense kindness.

I kneel at the feet of Changchub Dorje, master of wisdom, To Cytinned Cyaltscn, supreme son oj his three secret states,2*

And to all the other kind masters

Before elucidating The Union of the Sun and Moon Yantra.

38 Yantra Yo(, \ lb Tibetan Yoga oj Movement

Here is contained The Union of the Sun and Moon Yantra.29

This practical commentary on The Union oj the Sun and Moon Yantra of the sreat Master and Vidyadhara Vairocana, unsurpassed in the universe among all scholars and realized ones, is subdivided into three parts: the introductory homage; the stating of the title and the pledge to bring the text to completion; and the actual text itself.

Regarding the first point, the root text says:

Pay mo homage to the Truly Perfected King, Bkagavati Vajrasattva, fhe master Vairocana, thinking of the necessity to complete the composition of this profound voga text and to give future generations the opportunity to understand the fundamental principle ol its practice, starts first by paying homage to the 'truly perfected king' Samantabhadra, the Dharmakaya oi the base and original nature of purity, who for the benefit of the most fortunate disciples manifests in the glorious Rupakaya or Form Dimension'™ as Bhagavan Sri Vajrasattva.

Regarding the second point it says:

/ will explain The Union of the Sun and Moon Yantra, the vajra path oj the yogi oj the Vidyadharas.

After paying homage, the master Vairocana states that he will explain this profound upadesa concerning the practice of theTsalung/1 the swift path that constitutes the vajra essence of the higher yogas contained in the scriptures of the Vidyadharas.32 In this path, by means of the yantras of the 'vajra body* this profound method enables all the movements of the karm.c prarrn symbolized by the letter E, which represents the solar aspect oi prajna, and by the letter VAM. which represents the lunar aspect of method', to be guided and reunited withm the central channel, the space of primordial wisdom. In this way the flux of thoughts agitated by the karmic pranas .s completely exhausted and purified in die base of original purity, with the manifestation of all the infinite qualities of self-

The text itself consists of three parts: the preliminaries, which serve as preparation; the prdnaydmas and the yantnts, which constitute the fundamental practice; and the concluding sections.

Bhagavan Sri Vajrasattva

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