Sit with vour legs extended forward and your hands on your knees

Initial Phase

1. Inhaling in four counts, extend your arms over your head and open vour chest.

2. Exhaling in four counts, with the aid of your hands bend your right leg bringing your heel under your left buttock and cross your left leg over your right thigh, bringing the sole of your foot to the ground by your right knee.

Central Phase

3. Inhaling in two counts, raise your right arm and twisting your torso and shoulders to the right, stretch them forcefully.

4. Applying a directed hold for six counts, twist your torso to the left, and pressing your right elbow against the outside of your left knee, bring your right arm to the right and firmly grasp the inner side of your left foot; wrap your left arm around your back and firmly grasp your right side, twisting your torso and head to the left, and remain in this pose like a majestically seated eagle.

5. Exhaling in four counts, extend your legs forward and apart, bring your hands to your ankles and lower your forehead to the ground.

Final Phase

6. Inhaling in four counts, extend your arms over your head and your legs straight forward and twist your torso to the right.

7. Exhaling in four counts, grasp the outer sides of your feet and stretch your legs, bringing your forehead to your knees.

Then do the movement turning to the right

Breathing Cycle

Initial Phase

Central Pi iast

Slow Inhalation

Imnal Phase

Quick Inlul.ition

Dircited Hold

Slow Exhalation

Quick Inlul.ition

Dircited Hold

298 The Rouch Breathing with Six Applications___

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