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226 The Secret Breathing for Directing the PrAna into the CENmiii^^

This is the series of yantms for applying the contracted hold, each yantra with seven phases of breathing.


Tlx Overcoming of Obstacles says:

The Vulture Fbse balances the five pranas and the five elements:; in particular it eliminates problems of the upward-moving prana, it strengthens the five full organs and tonifies the nerves. The same holds true for the movements for training and for progressing.

As stated, these yantras balance the functioning of the five pranas and eliminates problems of the five elements of the physical body;201 in particular they eliminate all the problems caused by the upward-moving r™ if its functions have been damaged or are anomalous, and they restore and toniiy the functioning of the nerves connected with the five full organs and with the five sense organs.

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Health And Fitness 101

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