The Functions of the Five Prnas

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Regarding the diverse sites and functions of the five prdnas mentioned with reference to the medical benefits of the yantras, the Explanatory Tantra, the second of the Fotir Medical "Iantras339 says:

• The life -sustaining prdna (iro^ '¿¿in; prana) resides at the top of the head, circulates through the throat and chest, enables swallowing food and drink, presides over breathing, spitting, sneezing and belching, provides the intellectual faculties and the sense organs with clarity, and sustains the mind.

• The upward-moving prana (jyeri royu; uddna) resides in the chest, circulates through the nose, tongue and throat, presides over speech, increases strength, complexion and energy and sustains clarity of memory,

• The pervasive prdna (khyab byed; vydna) resides in the heart and circulates through the whole body, presides over raising and lowering (objects), walking, stretching and bending (the limbs etc.), opening and closing (the orifices) and underlies nearly all activities.

• The fire-accompanying prdna (me mttyam; samdna) resides in the stomach and circulates inside all the hollow organs, presides over the digestion of food, the separation of chyle and impurities, and t - V40

ripens the constituents.'

• The downward-clearing prana (thur sek apdna) resides in the anal region and circulates in the large intestine, the urinary bladder, the genitals and the thighs. It presides over discharge or retention of i t V* 1 -I I

the semen, blood, feces, urine and the fetus.'

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