The Yantras

There are five yantral

1. Massaging or Nyewa.

2. Extending the Ankles or Longshed,

3. Rotating the Arms or Pungkor.

4. Closing the Armpits or Chenbep.

5. Stretching or Nyongwa.

Van ira Yoi. a The Tibetan % of Movement

I. Massaging it»

\(assaying clap the kinds and rub the head and body, open (the arms and lets} wide apart and exhale the stale air with HA.


0. Sic with vour Ices extended forward and your hands on your knees.


1. Inhaling slowly and directly, extend your arms wide apart, opening the chest well.

2. Molding the air. clap your hands forcefully and rub them energetically until heat is generated; press them on your eyes and then, with your fin-gers turned inwards, massage your whole body starring with your face, all the way down to your toes, then turn your hands around and, with your lingers turned outwards, return upward, continuing to massage from wur ankles up to your armpits. At this point, turn your fingers upward and massage up to the neck, then as before return downward to your toes, energetically rubbing and massaging every part of your body three, five, seven or more times, according to your capacity for holding your breath.

3. At the end, extend your arms and legs apart and exhale the stale air forcefully emitting an aspirated HA. Repeat the exercise for a total of three times.110

If you wish to repeat the exercise again, for the pause do the following movements three times:

raise your arms with your legs wide apart.

5. Exhaling forcefully, bring your fingers to your toes and your forehead to the floor.


The Overcoming of Obstacles says:

Massaging eliminates problems of tlx lymphatic system and the skin, disorders of the Wind (humor) and those due to deterioration of the pervasive prdna.111

As stated, this ytnim helps to overcome ailments of the lymphatic circu-

lation and the skin, to heal disorders of the Wind humor, and in particular to eliminate problems caused by the impaired or weakened functioning of the pervasive prdna.

Yantra Yoga Poses

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