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This training program is comprehensive. No secrets, wisdom or knowledge is withheld. In addition to learning the profound art of meditation, you will also be taught Yoga and Pranayama, as well as the practical wisdom on how to run a successful meditation center and create a high traffic meditation web site. Here is some of what the program teaches you. Learn Basic Meditation Techniques. Learn Advanced Meditation Techniques. Learn Gentle Yoga. Learn Pranayama (Yoga Breathing Exercises). Learn the Fundamentals of Enlightened Living. Read more here...

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Highly Recommended

Recently several visitors of blog have asked me about this ebook, which is being advertised quite widely across the Internet. So I purchased a copy myself to find out what all the excitement was about.

Overall my first impression of this book is good. I think it was sincerely written and looks to be very helpful.

Getting help from an athletic trainer or yoga instructor

Similarly, a yoga instructor can help you with the basic yoga poses, even if he or she hasn't been trained in yoga with weights. Some poses we include in the exercises in this book, such as the warrior (shown in the Warrior I Chapter 8), the downward-facing dog (shown in the Dog to Plank Chapters 8 and 10), and the tree (shown in the Tree Chapter 11), come straight from traditional yoga practices. We recommend finding a certified and experienced yoga instructor, but if you can't find one, don't fret. Any high-quality yoga class that inspires you will help with your yoga-with-weights exercises because you discover the basics of aligning your body and breathing. When you go home to practice the exercises in this book, you'll have a better understanding of yoga mechanics. Don't hesitate to show this book to your yoga instructor. If he or she is adventurous, your instructor may take an interest in yoga with weights. Yoga and fitness instructors often look for new, worthwhile exercise...

Point Arena International Original Synergy Yoga Teacher Training

Surf Therapy Yoga featuring daily Synergy Yoga classes on the westernmost point in the U.S. All levels welcome Ongoing international Synergy Yoga teacher training home-study program. Workshops and retreats. Peri Ness Defay, founder Charles Defay, senior mentor teacher Ronna Frost, mentor Pam Mason, mentor.

Yoga Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Yoga teacher training programs train dedicated students to be knowledgeable and capable yoga teachers. 200- and 500-hour Yoga Alliance-registered hatha program. 200-hour Yoga Alliance-registered and KRI-certified Kundalini program. Advanced trainings, CEUs, specialized workshops for teachers. Study in a professional studio environment with a strong yoga community.

Finding the right instructor for you

People ask us all the time, How do I find a good yoga instructor We can't give a simple answer to this question because there are so many different yoga schools, and every instructor is different. No single yoga teacher or yoga school is suitable for everyone. You have to find an instructor who fits your personality and meets your health goals. Start your search for a good instructor by finding out if the teacher is certified. No single governing body certifies yoga instructors, and you can obtain a certificate with as little as a two-week training course, so receiving certification doesn't mean an instructor is necessarily qualified to teach yoga. But, generally speaking, a certified instructor is better than one who isn't certified. Being certified at least demonstrates a desire to learn about yoga and how to teach it to others. No teacher is right for everyone. Get a reference from a friend or health practitioner, and then go and see for yourself. Different people have different...

For Further Information

One of the best ways to find out more about Integral Yoga is to visit the Website maintained by Yogaville. This site contains information on Integral Yoga, the Integral Yoga programs, general information on yoga, links to Integral Yoga institutes and Integral Yoga teaching centers locations, and other recommended yoga resources on the Internet. The site also features a searchable database of certified Integral Yoga instructors both in the United States and worldwide. For further information on Integral Yoga, its branches, and programs, contact

Tending To Body And Mind

In 200o, pervasive pain rendered her unable to walk without support and kept her housebound for nearly four years. Eventually, the diagnosis was lupus, an autoimmune disorder characterized by an inflammation of the connective tissue. A mixture of pain relievers and anti inflammatories got her back on her feet, but it wasn't until she discovered yoga that she made peace with her body Yoga helped mc regain and maintain my health, she says. But it also taught me to accept that sometimes I can only do a tiny bit ofwhat I'd like to do, that 'perfect' is the very best you can do on a particular day Today Porter, 33, is a certified yoga instructor teaching a blend of hatha, vinyasa, and Iyengar yoga near her home in Singapore. She still has pain, which varies in intensity from week to week, and still takes pain relievers and anti-inflammatorics, but she feels that her yoga practice is the best medicine. Without exercise, my pain increases

Background and Training of Practitioners

Training and certification in Integral Yoga is provided through the Integral Yoga Teacher Training Program. The Institute's Basic Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program is offered at certain branch locations of the Integral Yoga Institute as an ongoing program that takes place over a number of months or as an intensive month-long residential training at its Buckingham, Virginia, headquarters. In addition to basic teacher training programs, programs in Intermediate Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, Advanced Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, Extra Gentle Yoga Teacher Training, and Yoga for the Special Child Teacher Training are offered annually at the Buckingham headquarters. The Integral Yoga Basic Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program is offered in several different formats. At Satchidananda Ashram-Yogaville it is available either as a month-long residential program or as a split session composed of two-week sessions in spring and fall. The Integral Yoga Institutes and Teaching Centers around the...

Heaven On Earth Yoga Institute

Montreal, 250- 500-hour registered yoga teacher training. Summer intensive & weekend programs. Call (888) 465-2736. heavenonearthyoga. com JENNYOGA Houston, TX YA 200-hour, 10-day Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Intensive August 1-11, 2009. 6-month Teacher Training October 11, 2009. (713) 839-9642. CORPORATE-INDIVIDUAL-SMALL GROUPS -NYC Westchester. Experienced yoga teacher (RYT). Eclectic, flow, fun Bring yoga to your life today with Nancy Call (914) 450-0519 or email nancy

Training In Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

GET THE PROFESSIONAL EDGE Learn new skills and become a Certified Phoenix Rising Practitioner or Yoga Teacher. Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Level 1 Oct 29-Nov 2 Level 2 Nov 4-9 Yoga Teacher Training with a Yoga Therapy Approach Module A Aug 20-28 Croup Facilitator Training Dec 1-12 2010 TRAINING - OTHER LOCATIONS Call for dates in CA( IL, LA, MT, NY, TN, TX, WA

Eka Pada Rajakapotasana I

Kripalu yoga teacher training The best yoga education provides a solid foundation from which students can grow into their highest potential. Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training prepares people to become successful yoga teachers by mastering the essentials of yoga How do we do this Our unique inquiry-based approach guides you to understand the technology and language of yoga on the mat, while learning how to incorporate the philosophy of yoga into the rest of your life. 200- and 500-hour Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training certification

An initial series of sessions and beyond

The goal is to develop a personal practice that you can continue on your own for continued improvement in mobility, strength, and well-being so that you can eventually participate in group classes if you want to. Periodic tune-ups are a good idea, especially if you aren't participating in a group class where a skilled Yoga teacher can help you modify postures as necessary.

How to use this manual

If you are experiencing any health problems, consult your yoga teacher or a health advisor before beginning the exercises in the manual. This manual is a guide to be used in conjunction with classes and is not a substitute for the personal attention and assistance of a teacher.

Cherish the Chair Safe Routines for Older Adults

You're in charge of whether or not you do a particular posture. If it doesn't feel right for you, don't do it. The National Institute of Aging provides a wealth of information to help guide you on what may be safe for you and what you should avoid. We also list books addressing the needs of older practitioners in the appendix, and your Yoga teacher may suggest other books or articles as well. Educate yourself, and enjoy the benefits of breath and movement.

Restoratives To The Rescue

No single sequence will provide surefire relief for every woman, says Elise Browning Miller, an Iyengar Yoga teacher in Palo Alto, California, who teaches workshops on yoga for menopause. (To learn more about Browning Miller and the phenomenal results she's had with yoga, see Care Giver on page 120.) Browning Miller and other teachers agree on a few general principles for practicing during menopause.

Yoga for Your Current

Yoga has the tools and resources to help every man, whatever his age. When determining what yoga practice may be right for you at your particular age, you may want to take into consideration the physical condition of your body as well as your chronological age.11 Take stock of your own personal state of health and fitness. A man in his 20s who is in poor health or who is compromised physically may want to do a gentler yoga practice. A man in his 60s who has a vibrant body and mind may be able to do a more active yoga practice than some other men of his age. So when setting out a program of yoga for yourself, consider your biological, physical condition as well as your chronological age. Your yoga teacher should be able to help you in tailoring a yoga program to suit your particular needs whatever your age.

Integrative Yoga Therapy Yoga as a Health Profession

IYT offers two training programs A 200-hour yoga teacher training prepares individuals from a variety of backgrounds to teach therapeutic yoga classes. An advanced level yoga therapist training program is designed for yoga teachers with an interest in applying yoga therapy principles to individuals with specific health challenges. Over the past 10 years, Le Page has trained 2,000 yoga teachers and therapists around the world. For more information on IYT, contact Integrative Yoga Therapy 5237 Darrow Road, 6 Hudson, OH 44236 Tel (800) 750-9642 or (330) 655-1532 Fax (330) 655-5892 Website E-mail info

Background and Training of Teachers

Iyengar Yoga National Association of the United States, Inc. (IYNAUS), oversees training of teachers in Iyengar Yoga. This training is designed to ensure that Iyengar Yoga teachers have a mature knowledge and regular practice of this discipline. An Iyengar Yoga teacher instructs yoga in the method set forth by B.K.S. Iyengar without mixing in other styles of yoga or other disciplines receives continuing instruction from the RIMYI in

Communication with Trees

At seminars on yoga and communication, which form part of the Kundalini yoga teacher training, we are delighted time and again to find that some of the participants already regularly communicate with trees. Many people spontaneously start talking with trees. This communication can take place at many different levels. Some people even seem able to talk with the Devas (soul beings) of trees. With others, such communication appears to be merely about the projection of an ideal onto the tree. It can also happen that the communication occurs as an intuitive impulse from the person's own subconscious mind, or indeed as a message from their higher-self. Regardless, it is through contact with the tree that such realisations take place, realisations that may not have happened otherwise and then wouldn't be available to the person to increase their self-knowledge.

Continuing Yogic Exercise after Pregnancy Postpartum

If you can, seek out a postpartum class with other new mothers. A skilled and experienced Yoga teacher can focus on those areas of your body that are likely to need extra attention during this transitional period neck, shoulders, and upper back from the stress of carrying your baby and leaning over to attend to him or her gentle belly toners to help you regain your pre-pregnancy profile and so on. And don't underestimate the value of connecting with other new mothers. Few new mothers are fully prepared for the feelings of isolation and lack of control over their daily lives that are so common in the early postpartum period, especially among women who are used to being in the world and getting things done. The company of other new mothers who are feeling similar things is often comforting and grounding.

The importance of practice

There are many books available dealing with specific aspects of yoga such as raja yoga, kundalini yoga or pranayama. The techniques presented here can be learnt from varied sources and in different forms. In this work we have tried to arrange the practices in a certain ordered sequence so that they reinforce each other and lead the practitioner to both physical and spiritual development. Practice programs have been included at the end of each lesson with the purpose of bringing together all the different techniques into a form which can easily be fitted into your daily routine. There are integrated shorter and longer programs which can be adapted to the needs of both householders and sadhakas for the mother, the working father, students, retired people and yoga teachers. However, to enhance the benefits obtainable from the practices and discussions in this book, we strongly recommend that you make contact with a swami, an ashram or an experienced yoga teacher for personal guidance....

What Is Integral Yoga

Integral Yoga, as its name implies, is a system of yoga that aims to integrate body, mind, and spirit. The system of Integral Yoga was brought to the West from India by Sri Swami Satchidananda. This system emphasizes the practices of hatha yoga, pranayama, and meditation as the way to develop physical and mental stillness in order to unlock inner truth. Integral Yoga is practiced and taught at the Integral Yoga Institute, which was founded by Sri Swami Satchidananda and has branches throughout the United States and the rest of the world. Integral Yoga hatha classes are offered by individual teachers, by the Integral Yoga Institutes and Integral Yoga Teaching Centers, as well as at Integral Yoga headquarters at Satchidananda Ashram-Yogaville, which is located in Buckingham, near Charlottesville, Virginia.

The Fourteenth Lesson The Yogi Path Of Attainment

The student who has carefully acquainted himself with the fundamental principles of the Yogi Philosophy, as set forth in these lessons, will readily see that anyone who grasps and accepts these teachings, and makes them a part of his everyday life, will naturally live a very different life from one to whom this present earth-life is all, and who believes that death extinguishes individuality, and that there is no future life or lives. It will also lead one to live his life rather differently from the person who believes that we are but creatures of a rather capricious Providence, having but little responsibility of our own, and that our salvation depends upon a perfunctory belief in certain teachings, and a set form of attendance at certain forms of religious worship. Remember, now, please, that the Yogi Philosophy has no fault to find with any form of religion - it teaches that all forms of religion are good, and each has its particular place to fill - each fills the need of humanity...

Occult Therapeutics

In Hatha Yoga , our forthcoming book, we will give the principles of the Yogi Philosophy of perfect health, in which is taught the doctrine that Health is the normal condition of man, and that disease is largely a matter of ignorance and the disobeying of natural laws of living and thinking. We will teach there that the healing power exists in every man, and may be called into operation consciously or unconsciously. Occult healing is merely the calling into play of this inner force within the individual (sometimes with the assistance of other individuals) , and the opening up of the system to the recuperative energies already within itself.

Telepathy And Clairvoyance

There is, however, another way whereby some students of the Yogi Philosophy develop psychic powers in themselves, preferring to gain this knowledge by experiment and experience before passing on to the spiritual plane. We have no fault to find with this course, providing the student does not regard psychic power as the end of attainment, and providing he always is inspired with worthy motives and does not allow the interest of the astral plane to divert him from the main object -spiritual development. Some of the Yogi students follow the plan of first mastering the body by the mind, and then mastering the Instinctive Mind by the Intellect under the direction of the will. The first steps in the mastery of the body have been spoken of by us in Science of Breath, and will be more clearly brought out and added to in our forthcoming book, Hatha Yoga. The mental control forms a subject in itself, and we trust to find time to write a little manual on the subject some time during the present...

Path Of Attainment

It is followed by those of a scientific, intellectual type, who are desirous of reasoning out, proving, experimenting, and classifying the occult knowledge. It is the path of the scholar. Its follower is strongly attracted toward metaphysics. Examples of the idea of Gnani Yogi - apparently widely differing examples - are to be seen in the great philosophers of ancient and modern times, and in the other extreme, those who have a strong tendency toward metaphysical teachings. As a matter of fact, nearly all students of the Yogi Philosophy are more or less attracted to Gnani Yoga , even though they be said to be following one of the other of the three paths. These lessons, for instance, are a part of the Gnani Yoga work, although they are combined with other forms of Yoga. Many Yogis combine in themselves the attributes of the followers of several forms of Yoga, although their natural tendencies cause them to favor one of the paths more than the others.

The Twelfth Lesson Spiritual Evolution

The beautiful doctrine of Spiritual Evolution, that gem in the diadem of the Yogi Philosophy is sadly misunderstood and misinterpreted, even by many who are its friends. The mass of uninformed people confuse it with the crudest ideas of the ignorant races of Asia and Africa - believe that it teaches that the souls of men descend into the bodies of the lower animals after death. And under the guise of high teachings regarding Reincarnation, many promulgate theories holding that the soul of man is bound to the wheel of human rebirth, and must live in body after body -whether it will or not - until certain great cycles are past, when the race moves on to another planet. All of these misconceptions, however, are based upon the real truth - they are the truth, but not the whole truth. It is true that the soul of a brutal, selfish, bestial man, after death, will be drawn by the force of its own desires toward rebirth in the body of some of the lower and more beast-like races of man - it has...

Spiritual Evolution

The Yogi Philosophy teaches that the Soul has existed for ages, working its way up through innumerable forms, from lower to higher, - always progressing, always unfolding. That it will continue to develop and unfold, through countless ages, in many forms and phases, but always higher and higher. The Universe is great and large, and there are countless worlds and spheres for its inhabitants, and we shall not be bound to earth one moment after we are fitted to move on to higher spheres and planes. The Yogis teach that while the majority of the race are in the unconscious stage of Spiritual Evolution, still there are many awakening to the truth, and developing a spiritual consciousness of the real nature and future of Man, and that these spiritually awakened people will never again have to go through the chain of continued unconscious rebirth, but that their future development will be on a conscious plane, and that they will enjoy to the full the constant progression and development,...

The First Three Principles

To those who have read up on these theories, we would say that such reading will materially help them to understand the three mental principles of man, if they will remember that the conscious or objective mind corresponds very nearly with the Intellect principle in the Yogi philosophy and that the lowest portions of the subjective or subconscious mind are what the Yogis term the Instinctive Mind principle while the higher and sublime qualities, which the Western writers have noticed and have grouped with the lower qualities in forming their subjective mind and subconscious mind theories, is the Spiritual Mind principle of the Yogis, with the difference that the Spiritual Mind has additional properties and qualities of which these Western theorists have never dreamed. As we touch upon each of these three mental principles, you will see the points of resemblance and the points of difference between the Yogi teachings and the Western theories.

Within The Mind Of The

In our last lesson we gave you the Inner Teachings of the Yogi Philosophy, relating to the real nature of the Universe, and all that is therein contained. We trust that you have pondered well and carefully the statements contained in that lesson, for in them is to be found the essence of the highest Yogi teachings. While we have endeavored to present these high truths to you in the simplest possible form, yet unless your minds have been trained to grasp the thought, you may have trouble in fully assimilating the essence of the teachings. But, be not discouraged, for your mind will gradually unfold like the flower, and the Sun of Truth will reach into its inmost recesses. Do not be troubled if your comprehension seems dull, or your progress slow, for all things will come to you in time. You cannot escape the Truth, nor can the Truth escape you. And it will not come to you one moment sooner than you are ready to receive it, nor will it be delayed one moment in its coming, when you are...

The Absolutethoughtforms Held In The Infinite Mindthe Infinite

In this consideration of the Highest Yogi Philosophy, and its teaching, we would again say to our students, that which we said to them in The Advanced Course --that we do not attempt to teach the why of the Manifestation of The Absolute, but rest content with delivering the Message of the Yogi Sages, which deals with the how. As we stated in the lessons referred to, we incline to that school of the Higher Teachings, which holds that the Why of the Infinite Manifestation must, of necessity, rest with the Infinite alone, and that the finite mind cannot hope to answer the question. We hold that in all the Universal Mind, or in any of its Mind Manifestations, there is to be found no answer to this question Wrapped in the Essence of the Absolute Spirit, alone, is this Final Answer

The First Lesson The

The Yogi Philosophy may be divided into several great branches, or fields. What is known as Hatha Yoga deals with the physical body and its control its welfare its health its preservation its laws, etc. What is known as Raja Yoga deals with the Mind its control its development its unfoldment, etc. What is known as Bhakti Yoga deals with the Love of the Absolute--God. What is known as Gnani Yoga deals with the scientific and intellectual knowing of the great questions regarding Life and what lies back of Life--the Riddle of the Universe. This may sound like Pantheism to some, but it is very different from the Pantheism of the schools and cults. Pantheism is defined as the doctrine that God consists in the combined forces and laws manifested in the existing Universe, or that the Universe taken or conceived as a whole is God. These definitions do not fit the conception of the Absolute, of the Yogi Philosophy--they seem to breathe but a refined

The Unfoldment Of Consciousness

(except a few based upon fraudulent imitation of the real phenomenon) are based upon truth and are but the bewildered reports of the various observers. They know that these people were temporarily lifted above the ordinary plane of consciousness and were made aware of the existence of a Being or Beings higher than mortal. It does not follow that they saw God or the Absolute, for there are many Beings of high spiritual growth and development that would appear to the ordinary mortal as a very God. The Catholic doctrine of Angels and Arch-angels is corroborated by those among the Yogis who have been behind the Veil, and they give us reports of the Devas and other advanced Beings. So the Yogi accepts these reports of the various mystics, saints and inspired ones, and accounts for them all by laws perfectly natural to the students of the Yogi Philosophy, but which appear as supernatural to those who have not studied along these lines.

Meditation Antar Mouna Stage

The aim of antar mouna is to help each and every person to become his own psychiatrist. That is, it helps a person to release and resolve the problems in his mind. Even the best psychiatrist, yoga teacher, swami or whoever cannot remove your problems for you. They can only stimulate you and encourage you to remove them yourself, by helping you to face tears and conflicts etc. You have to confront and relive these subconscious experiences for yourself. Antar mouna is a psychiatric tool that helps you to do this without the direct guidance of another person.

Supta Baddha Konasana Reclining Cobbler Pose

Cobbler Pose

Supta baddha konasana, or Reclining Cobbler Pose (supta means sleeping or reclining ) is a variation of the seated Cobbler Pose. This pose can be even more relaxing than the seated Cobbler Pose. In fact, one yoga teacher I know playfully refers to this pose as Goddess Pose because of the luxurious sense of relaxation and ease it can give. If you have difficulty sitting on the floor with your back erect, or if you'd like to practice Cobbler Pose in a different way, try Reclining Cobbler Pose.

Hatha Yoga Kunjal Kriya

The biggest obstacle in trying this practice for yourself is your mental concept of what is involved. Try to throw away your prejudices and read this chapter with an open mind. Then attempt the practice once yourself, either alone or under the guidance of a yoga teacher. If you find from personal experience that what we say is true, then you will more than likely continue to do this kriya regularly.

The Art and Science of Relaxation

During yoga classes wonderful changes can be seen in people. Many people walk into class with tension written on every line of their face and on every word they speak. Aggression pervades them. Their bodies are filled with tension, worry and unhappiness. They start practices, not necessarily difficult ones, and slowly but surely the stress and emotional turmoil begins to evaporate. They generally don't know it, but the yoga teacher can see the transformation on their faces. The students only realize their relaxation at the end of the lesson when they find that they are smiling, really smiling, not superficially, for the first time in days, and that they are actually singing to themselves as they walk down the street. They find that in comparison to before the lesson they afe feeling light, carefree and have confidence in themselves. This is not an exception but the rule. These people by the

Universal Business Management

Prasarita Padottanasana

By all appearances, Parsva Bakasana (Side Crane Pose) seems to require serious upper-body strength. But Prana Flow Yoga teacher Simon Park says that brute strength isn't the key. Instead, mastering the physics of the pose will help you unlock Side Crane. You need enough twist to place your elbow on the outside of the opposite leg and get both arms on the floor in the shape of Chaturanga Dandasana (Four-Limbed Staff Pose).

Parivrttaikapada Sirsasana

Kripalu yoga teacher training The best yoga education provides a solid foundation from which students can grow into their highest potential. Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training prepares people to become successful yoga teachers by mastering the essentials of yoga How do we do this Our unique inquiry-based approach guides you to understand the technology and language of yoga on the mat while learning how to incorporate the philosophy of yoga into the rest of your life. 200- and 500-hour Kripalu Yoga teacher training certification

Yogaworks Teacher Training

IN 2004, CANADIAN yoga teachers Eoin Finn, Insiya Rasiwala-Finn, and Tracey Delfs teamed up with the Vancouver-based apparel company Lululemon Athletica to offer yoga, pranayama, and meditation classes to more than 60 elite athletes. Five of those practices are now available on The Pursuit of Happy Hips, a DVD with athletes such as freestyle skier Shannon Deanne Bahrke demonstrating the poses. Find it in Lululemon Athletica stores and online from retailers like

Do You Trust Your Body

If you agreed with any of these statements, you have problems trusting your body. Your body is not your enemy, and it's not a stranger. While you may need professional help to cure an eating disorder, chronic illness, or negative self-image (you'll want to enlist the aid of a licensed healthcare professional as well as a yoga instructor ), the wonderful thing about yoga is that it reacquaints you with your physical self. You'll get to know your body like never before, and you'll even learn to make peace with your body, enjoy your body, like your body.

Develop Good Habits from the Beginning

Bad habits die hard, so cultivate good Yoga habits from the outset. If possible, take two or three lessons from a qualified Yoga teacher, either in a group class or privately. At least read our book and other practical Yoga books carefully before trying out the postures and breathing exercises.

Instruction By Gillian Kapteyn Comstock

Gillian Kapteyn Comstock

Practicing in the great outdoors is exhilarating, but it usually presents its fair share of challenges changeable weather, bugs, uneven terrain. When you're outdoors, the surface can be slippery, or it can be moving if you're on sand, but that's the real world, says Twee Merrigan, a Prana Flow Yoga teacher who is based in New York City but spends many weeks of the year practicing outside in remote and exotic settings. It isn't always a perfect wood floor with incense and a teacher. Outside the yoga studio, if a challenge comes up, what are you going to do Freak out Instead of waiting for someone to tell you what to do, you figure it out for yourself, she says. Adopting an attitude of curiosity is the first step to enjoying a practice out of doors. Gillian Kapteyn Comstock, a yoga teacher who leads yoga-in-nature workshops at the Metta Earth Institute in Lincoln, Vermont, suggests exploring

Parivrtta Trikonasana

The best yoga education provides a solid foundation from which students can grow into their highest potential. Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training prepares people to become successful yoga teachers by mastering the essentials of yoga. How do we do this Our unique inquiry-based approach guides you to understand the technology and language of yoga on the mat, while learning how to incorporate the philosophy of yoga into the rest of your life.

Turning to inversion props

We purposely omitted the headstand and the full shoulder stand from this book because we feel that these postures require the guidance of a competent Yoga teacher. Because Western-world necks have become so weak and vulnerable, many physicians and a large number of chiropractors, orthopedists, and osteopaths aren't in favor of inverted Yoga postures such as the headstand, the full shoulder stand, and the plow because they can compress the neck. Because the benefits of inversion and reversing the pull of gravity are so great (as we cover in Chapter 10), many entrepreneurs have attempted to create safe and effective inversion devices.

Satchidananda Ashramyogaville

Integral Yoga Teacher Training Certification Programs. Residential courses provide total immersion in yogic lifestyle basic, intermediate, and advanced hatha yoga meditation cardiac, cancer, and gentle yoga stress management prenatal postnatal children's yoga therapeutic yoga more. Workshops. Retreats. Children's camp. Work study. Guest stays. Vegetarian meals. Celebrating 43 years of service, 1966-2010.

Nischala Joy Devi Chakra Intensive

POWER VINYASA YOGA TEACHER TRAINING IN TULUM, MEXICO Nov. 27-Dec. 4,2010. Yoga Alliance certified program led by Sean Conley. Visit ALIGN WITH THE DIVINE Northern California Yoga Teacher Training YA 200-hour. 9 months 2 weekends a month. Saturday and Sunday. September to June. Call (530) 894-8756 or visit VINYASA FLOW YOGA TEACHER TRAINING RESIDENTAL INTENSIVE RETREATS IN EXOTIC LOCATIONS 200 hrs. YA approved. Koh Samul Thailand. September 5-26,2010 or Costa Rica, January 15-February 5.2011, or February 19-March 12,2011. Excellent Faculty. Gorgeous venues. Call (413) 776-4188 or email ADVANCED YOGA TEACHER TRAINING RETREAT IN MEXICO November 20-December 4,2010 (150 hrs toward additional YA 300 hrs). Call (413) 776-4188 or email froglotusyoga HIMALAYAN INSTITUTE TEACHER'S ASSOCIATION 2OO- 5OO-HOUR YOGA TEACHER CERTIFICATION

Yoga for Boys and Teens

Lisa Trivell, I Can't Believe It's Yoga for Kids (Heatherleigh Press, 2000). Written by a certified yoga instructor and fitness professional with experience teaching yoga in public and private schools, this book features kids performing yoga in a cool way that may help inspire the children who are important in your life.

Yogic Theory The Unenlightened Mind

Table Setting Work Sheets

That is, they are both structured and highly energetic. They strongly influence the thought processes. In addition to these are the restless, distracting activities of the mind, the compulsive brooding, the inner dialogues, the succession of memories. The Rosicrucians called it grasshopper mind. The Yoga teacher Richard Hittleman spoke of the untransformed mind as a tape recorder that is constantly running. This property is represented by the long arrows. Both processes are part of Purusha, a complex concept that can be understood both psychologically and metaphysically. In the psychological sense, Purusha not only observes (Drastr) and contemplates (Cit) the mind but also guides it. It is that part of ourselves that grasps wisdom and liberation. Just as the Yoga teacher specifies an ideal posture that we, perhaps over months or years, strive to attain, so Purusha understands and can represent to us the ideal condition of enlightenment that we can...

The Eight Angas Part The Practices

Outer well-being, the other side of this Niyama, is a concern with one's health. The posture (asana) and breathing (prana) exercises are a testimonial to this concern. This also includes a healthful diet and abstention from harmful products such as tobacco and alcohol. Except for a greater stress on vegetarianism and less on aerobics, the yogis advocate a diet and exercise regimen similar to what we in the west would consider healthy. It is from a Yoga teacher that I first heard the statement that the body is the temple of the spirit and must be respected.

This Cold Wont Go Away

If you have nasal congestion, try using a neti pot. A neti pot is a pot specifically tailored to the nose A mixture of saline solution is poured into one nostril and comes out the other nostril with the appropriate tilt of the head. Neti pots are traditionally used in the yoga practice of a cleansing ritual called neti (described in Chapter 8). Ask your yoga teacher about this specially made little pot which can help to remove nasal irritants and clear nasal passages.

The Posterior Stretch

If a traditional hatha yoga instructor were to teach a student only f e postures, they would probably be the headstand, the shoulderstand, e sitting half spinal twist, the cobra, and the posterior stretch the deflni e forward bend. The posterior stretch can be initiated properly only after il nutation of the sacroiliac joints after accomplishing that, its essence m be known only if the pose is hinged primarily at the hip joints id completed with a minimum amount of spinal flexion. Although v. 1 discuss posterior stretches for students with a wide range of skills, he plain truth is that the full experience of this posture is denied even tie who lacks good sacroiliac and hip flexibility.

Using a blanket for more than bedding

Yoga teacher Larry Jacobs of Newport Beach, California, invented the Body Slant (which we describe later in Turning to inversion props ) and offers an entire line of safe and practical inversion furniture through mainstream mailorder catalogs nationally. Renowned sports medicine physician Leroy R. Perry, Jr., DC, in Los Angeles, California, has developed specialized inversion products, known as Dr. Perry's spinal decompressor devices, used by Yoga teachers and Yoga enthusiasts internationally.

Daily Practice Program

Many of you will not have started kriya yoga practice yet. Don't be in a hurry. Wait until you feel that you are ready both mentally and physically. When you feel a strong inner compulsion, then commence kriya yoga. Also don't start if you lack the time or if circumstances are unsuitable. You must use your own discretion in this respect perhaps it is better that you consult an experienced yoga teacher or an ashram. Meanwhile, try to find time to practise other forms of yoga including asanas, pranayama and meditative techniques.

Professional Degrees

License certification Distance-learning or residential state-approved programs Clinical Nutritionist (CN), Clinical Master Herbalist (CMH), Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP), Naturopathic Practitioner (NP), Yoga Instructor (RYT). State-licensed college Natural Healing Institute. Call (760) 943-8485 or visit

Samaohi Yoga

Whole life yoga teacher training A 10-month yoga teacher training using the Viniyoga methodology, which caters yoga movements and breath work to the needs of each individual student. Class meets one night a week and one Sunday a month. Certified at both the 200- and 500-hour levels through Yoga Alliance. Call for more information yoga teacher, teacher assistant, life coach and yoga personal training certifications Yoga teacher certifications offered CYT YA 200 Certified Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance 200 hours) CTA Certified Teacher Assistant (20 hours) ACTA Advanced Certified Teacher Assistant (20 hours) CYLC Certified Yoga Life Coach (40 hours) CYPT Certified Yoga Personal Trainer (40 hours)

Nosara Costa Rica

Yoga Teacher Training With Marianne Wells Whether you experience chronic or intermittent insomnia, a program of relaxing asana and easy meditation performed at bedtime can help you slow down mind and body and ease the transition into slumber, says yoga teacher and sleep scientist Roger Cole. To address this, Roger Cole, a sleep research scientist and Iyengar Yoga teacher in Del Mar, California, designed a program that uses yoga and behavioral changes to help train the body to sleep.

Himalayan Institute

A leader for 38 years in the Feild of yoga, meditation, and holistic health, the Himalayan Institute offers seminars, workshops, self-transformation programs, and 200- 500-hour yoga teacher certification programs at our peaceful 400-acre campus in northeastern Pennsylvania. Upcoming teacher trainings 500-hour program August 14-23 and 200- 500-hour training in India. Call (800) 822-4547. Visit or


NAMASTE' USA SCARAVELLI YOGA TEACHER TRAINING We are a Yoga Alliance-registered school offering 200- and 500-hour certifications, teaching all aspects of yoga. We have been involved in training teachers in Dallas since 1997. Our graduates are highly regarded by studios, recreation centers, businesses, and local college campuses as among the best prepared yoga teachers available.

Rolf Gates

YOGA TEACHER & AUTHOR Experience the most comprehensive, innovative program for vinyasa flow yoga in the West. 200- 500-tour YogaAlliance Prana Flow Yoga teacher studies focus on embodying and living the flow through energetic, creative, evolutionary approaches to vinyasa, integrating Tantra, Ayurveda, bhakti and the arts of yoga. Four to 10-day teacher trainings offered worldwide.


Ideal indoor active play and movement enrichment for ages 3-7. Pizza Party brings an experienced kid's yoga teacher Into your home or school for the price of a DVD. Supported by the National Association for the Education of Young Children, Pizza Party is used In preschools nationwide. yogaplaygrounds. com

Yoga For Everybody

Anusara-inspired, hatha, Viniyoga. Downtown Fairfield between the Community Theatre and the train station. Classes include introductory, gentle, vinyasa, restorative, pre- postnatal, core yoga, and yoga at Penfield Beach Additional programs Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, yoga teacher training. Clean, quiet, well-equipped studio voted best in Fairfield County 2005-09.


If you are a yoga teacher, studio owner or mind-body professional, NAMASTA helps you find abundance, peace of mind, and nurturing community support. Join now, to access affordable liability insurance a health plan for yoga teachers, mind-body professionals holistic health discounts free mentoring and more. Visit Call tollfree (877) 626-2782.

Eastern States

Himalayan institute teacher's association 200- 500-hour yoga teacher svadhyaya therapeutic yoga teacher training 200- 500-hour ya approved. yoga teacher training on maui, hawaii September 20-0ctober 10,2010. Alignment-rich heart-centered vlnyasa flow. 200-hourYA certification. 2500. Visit WisdomFlowYoga. com.


This meditation is a reasonably long practice and it is very easy to fall asleep or lose track of the practice. If you have a friend who is also interested in yoga ask him or her to act as your yoga teacher using the instructions that we have given as a guide. Take it in turns to act as the instructor.


The introduction to kundalini yoga and the individual exercises are based on Yogi Bhajan's teachings and explained by Satya Singh, an experienced yoga teacher. The characterisation of the trees and their energies is by Fred Hageneder who is well known for his fundamental work in explaining the spiritual dimension of trees (The Living Wisdom of Trees Yew A History and The Tree Angel Oracle).

Pot Luck

On a Monday afternoon, a handful of us got together and unrolled our mats on the wooden floor. Some of us were rusty, and one member of our group had never done yoga before at all. No matter. It was a pot-luck practice, like the impromptu studio dinners Come as you are, and bring what you have a practice, the memory of one, or the desire for one. There were no expectations, so nothing could go wrong.


Yoga teacher Kathryn Budig photographed by Jasper Jahal 86 YOGAJOURNAL.COM Yoga teacher Kathryn Budig photographed by Jasper Jahal 86 YOGAJOURNAL.COM Roger Cole, PhD, is a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher and sleep research scientist in Del Mar, California. For his teaching schedule, visit

Number of rounds

Number of rounds that you can manage -listen to it carefully and take heed of it. As a rough suggestion, however, a person of reasonably good health should eventually aim to do about twelve rounds every morning. Of course, those who are able can do more, and many people do. If you are not sure on this point seek the guidance of a competent yoga teacher who can prescribe a suitable number of rounds to suit you individually depending on your state of health.

Live Creatively

Now is a good time to ask, 'How much is enough ' says Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, a Kundalini Yoga teacher and the director of Golden Bridge Yoga in Los Angeles. For too long, people have reached for happiness through money. And we've learned that the quest for more material goods has not brought happiness. In fact, it's brought conflict, greed, and war.

Stand Strong

If you're looking to your yoga practice to help soothe your nerves, the poses you do are less important than the energy and spirit you bring to them, says Scott Blossom, a yoga teacher and Ayurvedic practitioner in Berkeley, California. This is a good time to bring a sense of generosity to your practice and do those poses that most nourish you, he says.


My yoga teacher encouraged me to practice Supta Baddha Konasana (Reclining Bound Angle Pose) to open my abdominal area and allow room for a baby At home, after making love, I remembered to swing my legs up on my headboard and settle into Vtparita Karani. Let go of your worries, I could hear my teacher say. I began to realize that I have only so much control, and that my anxieties might well be the biggest toxin of all. So I continue down the path of clean living, with yoga to calm my worries and guide me to a place of present acceptance. JENNY ROUGH

Flexi b

At Zobha, we give back every day through The Zobha Foundation and through the inspiring yoga and fitness instructors who make up our Circle of Grace community. Ten percent of the proceeds from our 1 selling style, The Grace Tank, support Headstand, a non-profit organization that brings yoga to youth-at-risk. In our efforts to make yoga accessible to all, we provide yoga teacher-training scholarships and regularly sponsor free community classes. One of my first yoga teachers taught me that strength without flexibility is weakness, and flexibility without strength is also weakness. In yoga and in life, we need to be strong but not rigid, flexible but not without purpose. This posture is a beautiful illustration of the power of combining strength and flexibility.


GET THE PROFESSIONAL EDGE by becoming a Certified Phoenix Rising Practitioner or Yoga Teacher. Change lives by exploring emotions on the mat. Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Level 1 Oct30-Nov3 Level 2 Nov5-10 Level 2 Jan 5-10 Level 1 March 19-23 Level 2 March 25-30 Group Facilitator Training Dec 1-12 Yoga Teacher w a Yoga Therapy Approach Mod B Aug 14-22

About This Book

First, the information you find in Yoga For Dummies, 2nd Edition, is based on our extensive study and practice of Yoga. Between us, we have 75 years of experience with Yoga. One author (Georg) is internationally recognized as a leading expert on the Yoga tradition and has authored many seminal works on it (some of which we list in the appendix) and has created a teacher training manual on Yoga philosophy used by many Yoga teachers in seven countries. The other author (Larry) directs a university-based Yoga therapy training program for Yoga teachers at Loyola Marymount University has a thriving practice as a Yoga teacher and Yoga therapist in Los Angeles, where

Electric Slide

By the early 2000s, mantra singers such as Snatam Kaur and Deva Premal began to substitute soft New Age synthesizers for the Indian harmonium. The sound was less traditional, but the underlying mood of meditative devotion was palpable. It wasn't long before yoga teachers began playing this music in class, becoming the main channel through which this eclectic genre was heard. Even yoga teacher and performer Wah , who is perhaps best known for her soulful rendition of the Gayatri mantra and other meditative music, is experimenting with electronic club rhythms. A while ago I was listening to a lot of Asian underground artists like the Bombay Dub Orchestra, DJ Pathaan, and Talvin Singh. And I just felt, 'Oh, if only they had some real mantras in there,' says Wah So, she took matters into her own music, and the downtempo influence is notable on her latest release, Love Holding Love.

Feel Free

A few months after giving birth to a child, you may be eager to get to your mat. But you are likely to discover that pregnancy and childbirth have weakened your abdominal muscles, so they'll probably need reconditioning. When your body is ready to be challenged again, try the sequence on the following pages created by vinyasa flow yoga teacher (and new mom) Claire Missingham.

The One And The Many

In view of the above thought, let us then consider the report of the Reason, regarding this matter, And then, after having done so, let us apply the test of this report of the Reason, to the highest teaching of the Yogi Philosophy, and see how the latter stands the test. And, after having done this, we will apply the test of the Higher Consciousness to the same teachings. Remember this always, that while there is knowledge that transcends Reason--that is knowledge that comes from the Higher Regions of the Mind--still even such information of the Spiritual Mind does not run contrary to Reason, although it goes beyond it. There is harmony between the Spiritual Mind and the Highest Reason. And now let us submit the Yogi Philosophy to these conceptions, and reports of the Reason. And let us discover just what more the Yogi Philosophy has to say concerning the nature of the Substance of the Divine, which infills all Life--and how it solves the Riddle of the Sphinx, concerning the One in...

Mental Control

In our Advanced Course we have endeavored to explain to you the nature of the Three Great Manifestations, known as Chitta, or Mind-Substance Prana, or Energy and Akasa, or the Principle of Matter. We also explained to you that the I of man is superior to these three, being what is known as Atman or Spirit. Matter, Energy, and Mind, as we have explained, are manifestations of the Absolute, and are relative things. The Yogi philosophy teaches that Matter is the grossest form of manifested substance, being below Energy and Mind, and consequently negative to, and subordinate to both. One stage higher than Matter, is Energy or Force, which is positive to, and has authority over, Matter (Matter being a still grosser form of substance), but which is negative to and subordinate to Mind, which is a still higher form of substance. Next in order comes the highest of the three--Mind--the finest form of substance, and which dominates both Energy and Matter, being positive to both. Mind, however is...

The Mental Planes

Beginning at the lowest point of the scale we see that man has a body. The body is composed of minute cells of protoplasm. These cells are built up of countless molecules, atoms and particles of matter-precisely the same matter that composes the rocks, trees, air, etc., around him. The Yogi philosophy tells us that even the atoms of matter have life and an elementary manifestation of mind, which causes them to group together according to the law of attraction, forming different elements, combinations, etc. This law of attraction is a mental operation, and is the first evidence of mental choice, action and response. Below this is Prana or Force, which, strictly speaking, is also a manifestation of mind, although for convenience we designate it as a separate manifestation of the Absolute. There are other planes of mind which have to do with the phenomena known as psychic, by which is meant the phases of psychic phenomena known as clairvoyance, psychometry, telepathy, etc., but we shall...

The Creative Will

The Yogi Philosophy teaches of the existence of a Universal Creative Look where we will, on living forms, and we may begin to recognize the presence of a certain creative energy at work--building up moulding, directing tearing down replacing, etc.--always active in its efforts to create, preserve and conserve life. This visible creative energy is what the Yogi Philosophy calls the Creative Will, and which forms the subject of this lesson. The Creative Will is that striving, longing,

Salt Springs

Allaine Stricklen is an accredited master yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance, offering yoga workshops and teacher training programs worldwide. Her unique style, based on the Iyengar method with the use of props, is tailor-made for each trainee. Allaine is now available on webcam for teacher training and classes.

Suction and vacuum

This process creates a vacuum and sucks in water. As you draw in water, gently manipulate the anal muscles so that there is free flow through the anus. Some people can do this technique the first time others require a lot of practice. It is very easy when you know how. If you have trouble sucking in water, then you are probably doing something incorrectly. You should contact a local yoga teacher who will be able to quickly point out your mistakes. If necessary, see a personal demonstration this will be far more useful than one hundred pages of descriptions.

Yoga Union

Yoga Teachers & Studios YoGA TEAcHERs AssociATioN Yoga teachers created the Yoga Teachers Association in 1979. This nonprofit organization is based in Westchester, NY, -with over 200 members. Visit index. html for more information. Classes and seminars in the creative spirit of B.K.S. Iyengar. Retreats in Greece, France and India. 2oo-hour essential yoga teacher training in Rochester. See website for details. Rodney and Colleen teach workshops, retreats and teacher trainings worldwide. They are key faculty for the Urban Zen Integrative Therapist and yoga teacher trainings in NYC, and have created the Gaiam Online Yoga Club ( They teach at Yoga Shanti (Sag Harbor, NY and Piedmont Yoga Studio (Oakland, CA

Gertrud Hirschi

Yoga Mudrasana Benefits

Mudras-also playfully called finger power points -are yoga positions for your hands and fingers. They can be practiced sitting, lying down, standing, or walking, at any time and place Schooled in the traditional knowledge of this Eastern art of healing, Gertrud Hirschi, the well-known Swiss yoga teacher and author of Basic Yoga for Everybody, shows you how these easy techniques can recharge your personal energy reserves and improve your quality of living. Use these mysterious healing gestures to calm the stress, aggravations, and frustrations of everyday life. In Madras Yoga in Your Hands, you will learn

Prajna Yoga Retreats

A leader for 38 years in the fields of yoga, meditation and holistic health, the Himalayan Institute offers seminars, workshops, health products, self-transformation programs and 200- 500-tour yoga teacher certification programs at our peaceful 400-acre campus in northeastern Pennsylvania and around the world. Call (800) 822-4547. Visit or


Yoga festivals can happen anywhere and don't need to be pegged to rock star instruction. Inspired by a small yoga class that he'd taken in the early-morning mud at the Bonnaroo Music Festival in Tennessee, Dave Bryson, a yoga teacher in New Jersey, started the Evolve Music & Yoga Festival in 2007, with the goal of raising 5,000 for a local rural organization called Kids Camp, which provides environmental education and free health screening for low-income kids. The first Evolve event featured 30 bands from the Northeast jam-band and bar circuit. Bryson also scheduled a few yoga classes, but much to his surprise, nearly a thousand people showed up who were just as interested in doing asana as rocking out. A full-on yoga festival broke out. In 2009, the festival's third year, Bryson said the music and the yoga were equally important. He booked 70 bands and 16 yoga instructors, and says it all worked together brilliantly. The festival's focus is on self-improvement and health, as opposed...

Locate Your Lats

Leave everyday life behind Come for a long weekend, Stay for a week or more. Discover a daily routine that nourishes your body, relaxes your mind, and uplifts your spirit. Enjoy a tropical haven, yoga, ayurveda, healing arts, yoga teacher training courses, chanting retreats, workshops, trainings, outslandng speakers Yoga Teachers' Training Courses


We have seen that preceding Spiritual Evolution, there was a Spiritual Involution. The Yogi Philosophy holds that in the Beginning, the Absolute meditated upon the subject of Creation, and formed a Mental Image, or Thought-Form, of an Universal Mind--that is, of an Universal Principle of Mind. This Universal Principle of Mind is the Great Ocean of Mind-Stuff from which all the phenomenal Universe is evolved. From this Universal Principle of Mind, proceeded the Universal Principle of Force or Energy. And from the latter, proceeded the Universal Principle of Matter. The doctrine of Metempsychosis, or Re-incarnation, together with its accompanying doctrine, Karma, or Spiritual Cause and Effect, is one of the great foundation stones of the Yogi Philosophy, as indeed it is of the entire system of systems of Oriental Philosophy and Thought. Unless one understands Metempsychosis he will never be able to understand the Eastern Teachings, for he will be without the Key. You who have read the...

Skipping Class

Traditionally, Yoga is passed down from teacher to student. However, a few accomplished yogis and yoginis are self-taught. These independent spirits set a precedent for those who enjoy exploring new territory on their own. If you live in an isolated area and don't have easy access to a Yoga instructor or class, don't be disheartened. You still have several choices that can help you begin your yogic journey (and in the appendix we provide you with a fairly extensive list of resources). Here's an abbreviated version

Raa yoga

Possessed by the lower animals (See Fourteen Les-sons ). And in addition to the mental faculties common to all men, or rather, that are in evidence in a greater or lesser degree among all men, there are still higher faculties latent within Man, which when manifested and expressed render Man more than ordinary Man. The unfoldment of these latent faculties is pos-sible to all who have reached the proper stage of development, and the desire and hunger of the student for this instruction is caused by the pressure of these unfolding latent faculties, crying to be born into consciousness. Then there is that wonderful thing, the Will, which is but faintly understood by those ignorant of the Yogi Philosophy the Power of the Ego its birthright from the Absolute.


Mind Body Solutions Thirty years ago, a car accident left Matthew Sanford paralyzed from the chest down. Through Iyengar Yoga, he forged a new relationship with his body and went on to become a yoga teacher specializing in adaptive yoga for disabled students. This package includes a DVD, a CD full of mind-body exercises, and a booklet of helpful practice hints for disabled students and their teachers or caregivers. Sanford leads seated and reclining practices that build inner awareness, ground the body, open the chest, and integrate the feet with the pelvis and spine. G333 YOGA FOR PAIN RELIEF SIMPLE PRACTICES TO CALM YOUR MIND & HEAL YOUR CHRONIC PAIN, by Kelly McGonlgal, PhD. New Harbinger Publications Modern medical science and ancient yogic teachings both recognize that pain is a mind-body proccss shaped not only by injury and illness, but also by thoughts, emotions, and stress. In this elegant and practical guide,...

Occult Miscellany

In this, the last lesson of this series, we wish to call your attention to a variety of subjects, coming under the general head of the Yogi Philosophy, and yet apparently separated from one another. And so we have entitled this lesson Occult Miscellany, inasmuch as it is made up of bits of information upon a variety of subjects all connected with the general teaching of the series. The lesson will consist of answers to a number of questions, asked by various students of the courses in Yogi Philosophy coming from our pen. While these answers, of necessity, must be brief, still we will endeavor to condense considerable information into each, so that read as a whole the lesson will give to our students a variety of information upon several important subjects. QUESTION III Does the Yogi Philosophy teach that there is a place corresponding to the 'Heavens' of the various religions Is there any basis for the belief that there is a place resembling 'Heaven' ANSWER Yes, the Yogi Philosophy...

Jivamukti Yoga

I read Talk to Me, by Elana Verbin Bizer (Dec. '08) and just had to respond. I'm a psychotherapist and yoga teacher and have been incorporating yoga philosophy, breathwork, and postures into my client sessions for the past five years with positive results. So thank you for promoting a style of therapy that can produce more-profound and deeper healing than each discipline alone. Also, the International Association of Yoga Therapists website ( lists practitioners who integrate yoga and psychotherapy. CORRECTION In Holiday on Mats (Dec. '08), the date listed for Yoga Day USA was incorrect. The annual event is for yoga teachers and schools registered with the Yoga Alliance. For information about the next Yoga Day USA in December 2009, go to

New Chapter

MILITARY PROTOCOL FOR YOGA YogaNidra, oryogic sleep, is one of the four states of mind described in the Yoga Sutra. It's not sleep as we traditionally know it, but rather a state of conscious sleep used for deep relaxation and subtle spiritual exploration. Richard Miller, a clinical psychologist, yoga teacher, and president of the Integrative Restoration Institute in San Rafael, California, has developed a protocol for the military, based on the techniques of Yoga Nidra, that is in use at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, in Washington, DC the Miami and Chicago VA hospitals and Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. Miller says he designed the program to help returning soldiers find a place of well-being that was never wounded.

Yoldies but Goodies

Before beginning your yoga practice (or any exercise program), consult your primary care physician, who will want to follow your progress and coordinate care with your yoga instructor. Many great yoga classes are available now for seniors, which means that poses are adapted and designed to help with the specific concerns and needs of mature yogis. Ask at your local YMCA, holistic health center, health club, or senior center. You'll be surprised at how many seniors are already doing yoga

The Dolphin

If a hatha yoga instructor were to pick only one all-around training pose for students who are almost able to do the headstand, it would have to be the dolphin. This posture is related to the down-facing dog, but it is also a well-known posture in its own right. It's helpful for developing upper body strength, hip flexibility, and abdominal and back strength. To do it, begin in the child's pose (fig. 6.18) with the body folded onto itself on the floor. Then lift up enough to place the forearms on the floor in front of you with the hands interlocked. With the hips still resting near the heels, the' forearms are positioned at a 90 angle from one another. Next, keeping

My brothers mullet

Ing a person with the perspective and detachment to see us clearly, and the experience and skills to help us change. We need a teacher. (In the classical model, only one teacher.) Since the yoga teacher will teach largely by example, we must have a teacher who is equally committed to self-transformation, and who has a teacher. In other words, we need a teacher, who is also a student. For many of us, committing to a teacher is itself a new pattern. The old habits of stoic self-reliance and keeping our options open by not committing (which once worked) will now keep us from progressing on the yoga path.

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